Links to Official On-Line Civil Aircraft Register websites

Afghanistan (YA-)
Official Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation website.
Click on the “Registered Aircrafts” link at the bottom of the page.

Argentina (LV-)
Argentinian ANAC official Searchable civil aircraft register.
Click the “Matricula” Radio button

Australia (VH-)
Australian CASA official Searchable/downloadable civil aircraft register.

Austria (OE-) – Monthly Downloads – Searchable
Official Austrian Civil Aircraft Register. Complete register and Monthly updates.
Click on the “Monthly Amendments” link at the bottom.

Belgium (OO-)
Official Belgium Civil Aircraft Register.

Bosnia and Herzegovina (E7-)
Official BHDCA – The Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation Civil Aircraft Register.
Click on the “Bosnia and Herzegovina Civil Aircraft Register data” link at the top of the page.

Botswana (A2-)
Official Botswana Civil Aviation Authority current civil registered aircraft. Click on link to download register.

Brazil (PP-/PR-/PT-)
Brazilian DAC official searchable database of current civil aircraft registrations.
Enter registration minus the dash “-“. e.g. Enter PR-RIM as PRRIM.

Bulgaria (LZ-)
Official Bulgarian CAA Register/Website.
Operators/Aircraft list No longer published on website.

Cabo Verde (C4-)
Official AAC – Agência de Aviação Civil Cabo Verde Civil Aircraft Register.

Canada (C-/CF-)
Canadian CAA official searchable database of current and historical civil aircraft registrations.

Cayman Islands (VP-C)
Official Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands CAACI Civil aircraft Register download (PDF File.)
Note: Click on the “Aircraft Registry” Navigation Link and then the “CAACI Aircraft Registry” link on the right hand side.

Chile (CC-) – Updated 10 October 2018.
Chilean DGAC Official searchable online Civil Aircraft Register.

China (B-)
Official Chinesse Civil Aircraft Register.
Note: May only work with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Also need to enter code.

Colombia (HK-)
Official Unidad Administrativa Especial de Aeronáutica Civil – UAEAC Colombian Civil Aircraft Register.

Croatia (9A-)
Croatian CAA official aircraft register in downloadable PDF format.
Then click on the “Aircraft Register” link

Cyprus (5B-)
Official Republic of Cyprus Department of Civil Aviation Civil Aircraft Register. PDF download.
Click on the link “Cyprus Civil Aircraft Register as at…” link

Czech Republic (OK-)
Official Czech Republic Civil Aircraft Register
Click on “Hledani v leteckem rejstriku” link and then click to continue to website.

Denmark (OY-)
Danish CAA official searchable/downloadable civil aircraft register.

Dominican Republic (HI-)
IDAC official searchable civil aircraft register.

Ecuador (HC-)
Ecuador DGAC official civil aircraft register.
Click on the “Programas / Servicios” navigation link, Then click on the “Parque aeronáutico” navigation link on the left hand side.

Estonia (ES-)
Official Estonian Civil Aircraft.
No registrations only aircraft totals by type.

Finland (OH-) – Updated 12 October 2018.
Offical CAA Finland Web Site searchable database.

France (F-)
Official French – DGCA Civil Aircraft Register
How to use – Click on, Recherche d’aéronefs inscrits ou radiés (inscrits= registered, radiés = cancelled). Enter regn in field “Marque” e.g. F-GUDC and click on Rechercher to enter.

Georgia (4L-)
Official Georgian CAA Civil Aircraft Register

Greece (SX-)
Official Hellenic CAA Civil Aircraft Register.

Guatemala (TG-)
Official Guatemala DGAC searchable civil aircraft register.
Then Click “Registro Aeronautico” Then Click “Consultar Aeronave” Then enter registration into box and click on the “Buscar” button.

Guernsey (2-)
Official Guernsey Civil Aircraft Register.

Hungary (HA-)
Then click on the “Légijármű Lajstromlista” link which will have the validity date against it.
Hungary CAA official civil aircraft registers.

Iceland (TF-)
Icelandic CAA Official Civil Aircraft Regsiter

India (VT-)
Indian DGCA official civil aircraft register.

Ireland (EI-)
Irish Aviation Authority downloadable civil aircraft register.

Isle of Man (M-)
Isle of Man Civil searchable civil aircraft register. (Searchable database.)

Jamaica (6Y-)
Jamaican CAA Civil aircraft register download. (PDF file.)

Jersey (ZJ-)
Jersey Official Civil Aircraft Register download. (PDF file.)
“Registered Aircraft” link at bottom of page.

Jordan (JY-)
Official Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission Jordanian Civil Aircraft Register.
Commercial Aircraft only.

Korea, Rep. of (HL)
Official Republic of Korean Civil Aircraft Register

Latvia (YL-)
Official Republic of Latvia Civil Aircraft Register.

Lebanon (OD-)
Official Lebanonese Civil Aircraft Register.

Lithuania (LY-)
Official Lithuanian Civil Aircraft Register.

Luxembourg (LX-)
Official Luxembourg Civil Aircraft Register. PDF Format.
Then click on the “Extrait du registre des immatriculations” link.

Macau (B-M)
Official Macau Civil Aircraft Register. Web page list.

Macedonia (Z3-)
Official Republic of Macedonia Civil Aircraft Register

Malaysia (9M-)
Offical Malaysian Civil Aircraft Radio Callsign Register

Maldives (8Q-)
Official Maldives Civil Aircraft Register.

Malta (9H-)
Official Maltese Civil Aircraft Register. (PDF File)
Clink on the Link “List of Registered Aircraft”

Moldova (ER-)
Official Republic of Moldova Civil Aviation Authority Civil Aircraft Register.
Click on the “Aircraft Register of the Republic of Moldova” Link

Mongolia (MT-)
Official downloadable Mongolian Civil Aircraft Register. PDF format.

Montenegro (4O-)
Official Montenegro Searchable Civil Aircraft Register.
TIP: After searching click on the registration for full details.

Netherlands (PH-) – Updated 12 October 2018.
Official Netherlands Divisie Luchtvaart searchable current civil aircraft register.

New Zealand (ZK-)
New Zealand CAA official searchable database of current and historical civil aircraft registrations.

Norway (LN-)
Official Norwegian CAA Civil Aircraft Register

Papua New Guinea (P2-)
Official Papua New Guinea Civil Aviation Safety Authority Aircraft Rgister

Pakistan (AP-)
Official Pakistan Civil Aircraft Register
How to use – Click on the link “List of Registration Marks”

Romania (YR-)
List of Air Operator and the type and registrations operated by them.

San Marino (T7-)
Civil Aircraft Register no longer published on website.

Senegal (6V-)
Senegal ANACS Official Civil Aircraft Register

Serbia (YU-)
Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia
Click on the Blue “Регистар ваздухоплова” link on the left hand side.

Seychelles (S7-)
Official Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority Civil Aircraft Register

Singapore (9V-)
Official Singapore CAA Civil Aircraft Register
How to use – Select year, then month.

Slovakia (OM-)
Official Slovakian Civil Aircraft Register PDF File Download.

South Africa (ZS-/ZT-/ZU-)
South African CAA Official current civil aircraft register.

Spain (EC-)– Updated 12 October 2018.
Spanish Ministerio de Fomento Aviacion Civil
How to use – Click on the “relación de las aeronaves” link to open the PDF file.

Sri Lanka (4R-)
Official Ski Lankan Civil Aircraft Register

Suriname (PZ-)
CASAS Civil Aviation Safety Authority Suriname Official Aircraft Register

Sweden (SE-)
Swedish official searchable database of current civil aircraft registrations.

Switzerland (HB-)– Updated 12 October 2018.
Swiss BAZL official searchable database of current civil aircraft registrations.

Tanzania (5H-)
Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority Official Civil Aircraft Register

Ukraine (UR-)
Ukraine Civil Aviation Authority Official Civil Aircraft Register

United Kingdom (G-)– Updated 12 October 2018.
United Kingdom CAA official searchable database of current and historical civil aircraft registrations.

United States of America (N)
Official FAA Aircraft Registration Inquiry

United States of America (N)
United States FAA official downloadable civil aircraft register.

Uruguay (CX-)
Official Uruguay DINACIA downloadable civil aircraft register. Excel format.
Then click on the “Aeronaves” link.

Zambia (9J-)
Official Department of Civil Aviation Zambian Civil Aircraft Register.
Provides details of how to purchase the current register updated twice annually, on 1st January and 1st July.

Links to Unofficial OnLine Civil Aircraft Register websites

Germany (D-)
Dave Lenton’s Unofficial German Civil Aircraft Register.
Enter Site, Then hover over “Aircraft Registers” Then “German Regbook” and then select the range required.

Poland (SP-)
Unofficial Polish Civil Aircraft Register

Thailand (HS-)
Steve Darke’s Thai register, based on official Thai DCA data.

Links to Official On-Line Accident Investigation websites

Australian ATSB (VH-)

Belgium AIB (OO-)

Brazil AIB (PP-/PR-/PT-)

Chile (CC-),151679&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Czech Republic AIB (OK-)

Danish AIB (OY-)

Finnish AIB (OH-)

French AIB – BEA (F-)

German AIB – BFU (D-)

Hungarian AIB (HA-)

Icelandic AIB – RNF (TF-)

Ireland AAIU (EI-)

Italian AIB – ANSV (I-)

Mongolian AAIB (MT-)

New Zealand AIB (ZK-)

Norwegian AIB (LN-)

Panama AIB (HP-)

Spanish AIB (EC-)

Swedish AIB (SE-)

Swiss AAIB (HB-)

Taiwan AIB (B-)



Uraguay (HP-)


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