My name is Roger and I have worked in the Airline Industry all my life. I am a keen Aircraft Enthusiast with a love of helicopters and I compile a database which holds Aviation related codes. example IATA and ICAO Airline and Airport designators. These can be seen at my website www.avcodes.co.uk Aviation codes Central.

I am also an editor for the Freebird Aviation Database and in my research for latest Aircraft Registration information I come across numerous sources scatered across the Internet. I have therefore started this Blog to provide a central free repository for all things Civil Aircraft Register related. I will post the ones from the Official On-line registers as well as the ones that I have myself.

Roger (Houser747 – Aircraft Enthusiast.)


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Ian Terry Tuesday, 2 nd February 2010 / 14:49

    Have just come across your blog. i have been researching civil aircraft registers for some 50+ years and will appreciate receiving copies of updates and new posts. My main interest is historical registers although I try to keep all records up to date

    Ian Terry

    • houser747 Wednesday, 3 rd February 2010 / 10:47

      Hi Ian, All the file can be downloaded and saved locally on your PC. cheers Roger.

  2. Steve Darke Wednesday, 1 st December 2010 / 14:44

    Philippines register link is down. I understand it is no longer available on line.

    Thai register on my website, based on official Thai DCA data.

    • houser747 Wednesday, 8 th December 2010 / 13:51

      Hi Steve, I have added a link to your website/register and removed the Philippines register link. Many thanks Roger House.

  3. David Hatcher Saturday, 10 th March 2012 / 00:51

    Hi Roger;
    Thanks for the website! It will be a great help, once I figure out how to get around and find the info I need that is!
    I am working on a “list” that I will become the basis for a website of all the Bell Helicopters ever made. I’ve started with the UH1/204/205 series Yeah, all 18,000+ of them! But thats just a start.
    Your website will greatly help me find where they are or what happened to them!
    (ATP-Helo,Commercial ASMEL-I, CFII-Helo, AGI, Master Army Aviator, CW4 Ret)

  4. John D. Friday, 9 th November 2012 / 08:43

    Hi Roger,

    I am a aircraft enthusiast like yourself and your website have given me a wealth of information. I admire your work and would like to get in touch with you by email. Like what Cyril had posted earlier, would you mind leaving behind an email so that we could communicate off-line?

    Many thanks and keep up with your generous work!


    John D.

  5. Przemek B. Wednesday, 14 th August 2013 / 15:31

    Hello there,

    I can not find and contact details, just for yoru information (you can update blog), on this url:


    you can find UNOFICIAL register of Polish airplanes. Oficial is currently not for public view.

    Przemek B.

    • houser747 Wednesday, 14 th August 2013 / 16:59


      Added to Unofficial list


  6. wboomer Wednesday, 23 rd July 2014 / 13:42


    I am looking for the registry for Taiwan. Do you have that link, or a listing of the registry?

    • houser747 Tuesday, 5 th August 2014 / 11:18

      Hi, The Taiwan CAA website does not currently list any aircraft register data. http://www.caa.gov.tw/en/ cheers Roger

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